Free Resources to help your Customers understand the ROI of your Product

Hi, Markus here. Welcome to a free edition of the Customer-Value-Led-Growth Newsletter.

Today’s episode is a guest post by Hannah Owen from Matik.

Matik automates ROI one-pagers & business reviews, including data-driven elements like tables and charts. You can even automate sending it out as an email attachment!

Set up is a snap with out-of-the-box integrations with CRMs, BI tools, data warehouses, and spreadsheets (no data ingestion).

Free Resources to Help Your Customers Understand Your Product’s ROI

Every one of your customers is being asked to cut their tech stack & get rid of tools.

And if they want to keep one, simply saying “they love it” isn’t going to be enough for their CFO.

So how do you make sure you don’t get the cut? By proving that your product is essential to their business through effectively showcasing the value they get.

Here are some free resources to help you come up with compelling ROI metrics and communicate them effectively to customers:

1. Quiz: Grade Your ROI Metrics

To kick things off, start by evaluating your current approach to calculating ROI to see how it can be improved.

As you may know, ROI is all about showing your customers the value your product brings and should be anchored on business outcomes they care about.

It’s your responsibility to effectively show the customer how far they’ve come and can go by sharing a data-driven narrative that is thorough, yet easy to understand.

2. Ebook: The Ultimate ROI Kit

In this ebook, you’ll get a detailed how-to on calculating & communicating ROI.

From figuring out what value goals to anchor, to how to bring together assumptions and data, this kit covers everything you need to consider when approaching your ROI metrics.

And because coming up with compelling ROI metrics is not enough, you’ll also get the playbook on how to communicate the ROI effectively, including ways you can build trust with your customers.

This ebook covers how to:

  • Ground your ROI on what the customer cares about

  • Develop an ROI calculation & get the data to fuel it

  • Communicate ROI in a way that resonates with customers

3. Template: ROI One-Pager

Building exec relationships with your accounts is one of the top challenges facing CSMs.

Especially when you realize you're competing with many other products to get their attention.

But how do you stand out and get them to pay attention to you and your product?

Focus on business outcomes, and show them how your product can achieve them.

There are lots of ROI calculators out there, but many of them fall short because they focus on superficial metrics. Y

ou can do better by showing how your product is moving the needle for the company and capturing the exec's attention.

In the ROI one-pager template, you'll get best practices for showcasing ROI in a quick one-pager that you can send by itself, without a conversation.

And when you do, you'll see execs start to notice you!

4. Template: ROI Summary Slide

This ROI summary slide template is the perfect tool to showcase the value your product brings to your customers.

Whether you're presenting a renewal deck or conducting a quarterly business review (QBR), include these slides to ensure you effectively communicate the tangible benefits of your solution. 

While you may not need to delve into all the intricate details of a comprehensive ROI analysis, a quick summary is always a valuable reminder for your customers.

With this template, you can highlight key metrics, demonstrate the return on investment your customers can expect, and reinforce the significance of your product in driving their success.

Save time and leave a lasting impression by utilizing this ROI summary slide during your customer engagements

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