The costliest Mistake in Customer Success Management

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CSM is the greatest role in SaaS

  • Making a real impact on your customers’ lifes

  • Becoming an extension of their team

  • Celebrating wins together

  • Creating value for your customers and revenue for your company

But many CSMs are far away from unlocking their true purpose. Because they are stuck in an infinite loop of reactive work.

They are stuck because they are making the costliest mistake in CSM:

They rely on guessing and assuming.

Here’s why it’s the worst thing you can do and how to do better:

1. Customer Value and Expectations

If you don’t know what your customers want, how can you help your customers to get there? A lot of CSMs set themselves up for failure right from the beginning.

They don’t spend the time and effort to identify what value means for their customers. They don’t validate whether customer expectations are accurate.

The only situation where value discovery is not required is when your company is selling only a single outcome like cutting your customers’ sales cycles in half. And even then you only know a part of it.

But even then it pays off to identify your customers’ ulterior motives. How cutting their sales cycles in half improves their lives. Because personal value > business value.

If your customers don’t know what they want to achieve it’s up to you to help them figure it out. Ask open questions about their business and make qualified suggestions based on your learnings.

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