7 Principles for playing to win as a CSM in a new Era

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“How can we deliver so much value that our customers will grow to 5x their initial size?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question? You are not alone, few CSMs and CS leaders ever did.

Because it does not fit with how CSM has been taught and lived in the past decade.

Instead, the more pressing questions have been about how to

  • improve customer health

  • increase productivity

  • make processes more efficient

and consequently, mindset drives actions, and actions drive outcomes.

So here we are and legions of CSMs are still playing by “the rules” and waiting for their leadership to get the value of Customer Success Management eventually.

If you are growing tired of it, here are 7 principles for playing to win as a CSM in a new Era:

1. Eliminate the Unknown

Top-level performance does not result from mediocre practices. If you don’t know your customers’ goals, metrics, problems, processes, and progress you are setting yourself up for failure.

Every blind spot is a risk of losing customers despite pouring in substantial effort. Guessing and assuming, based on what you know, is only viable if you have exhausted all options to get accurate information.

2. Take the Driver’s Seat

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